Kisiizi Primary School

St. Marks Church at Kisiizi


Kagogo Primary School

Kagogo Church


Katiiba Primary School

Katiiba Church


Kamahungye Church


Kabagande Church


Kiigo Church


Yamuriro Primary School

Yamuriro Church


Kitooma Primary School

Kitooma Church


Kishanje Secondary School

Kishanje Church


Kahumiro Primary School

Kahumiro Church


Mugyera Primary School

Mugyera Church





Complete the Nyarunazi Church and EP Kabere School in Rwanda. 


Develop the "Mercy Project" to help disburse life jackets at the boat launches around Lake Bunyonyi. Working in conjunction with organizations like GLI who are helping to give swimming lessons to children around the lake. Ahereza Mercy was a young teacher who died by drowning in Lake Bunyonyi on her way home to visit her family. 

Develop instructional manual and video, which can be translated in any language to teach how to install a lightning protection system on existing buildings, and show how to build new construction in a way that a lightning protection system is not needed. 


Provide solar panels and water filtration for the schools in the region. 

Introduction of the David A. Sandberg scholarship to help children continue their education beyond primary school. 


Future Goals:

Together Our Mission will be an integral partner with Dr. MarkAlain Dery in the first annual VAMP project. V.A.M.P. stands for the Vaccination Awareness Music Project. Together Our Mission will be traveling to Haiti to put on a series of music concerts and help the local community receive important vaccinations that they have not had made available. In addition we will be working artistically with the local community and with schools to help further the arts and heal a community through music and musical collaboration.