Protect The Children

Lightning protection system installed on every school and church in the region.


Develop instructional manual and video, which can be translated in any language to teach how to install a lightning protection system on existing buildings, and show how to build new construction in a way that a lightning protection system is not needed. 


Introduction of The Mercy Project, which will distribute life jackets to each village around Lake Bunyonyi.

Tom Larson, founder of Together Our Mission, has been an integral part of the I Know Concert Series, Music Festival in Uganda, produced by the Global Livingston Institute. In 2014, as part of the I Know Music Festival, Tom was able to visit a local school in a village named Kisiizi. While there, he learned that the school was often hit by lightning and many of the children had been hurt or killed. Upon returning to the states, he decided that something needed to be done. 


Tom, with the help of Patrick Doyle and Vincent Avila, designed a system to be installed on the school in Kisiizi to lower the chance of it being struck by lightning by dissipating the electricity into the ground. In 2015 Tom started a fundraiser and raised enough money for all of the equipment and to bring an electrician to help install everything correctly. Together Our Mission was born out of this project. In 2016 Tom returned and protected St. Lukes Church at Kisiizi. In December 2016, Tom returned again with his wife and co-founder, Misty, and installed lightning dissipators on 2 more schools and 5 more churches in the Lake Bunyonyi region. There are more schools and buildings in this region that need help. Once these children have a safe place to go to school they will start to graduate more consistently. 

Tom Larson and Together Our Mission are devoted to continued growth throughout the world, and to achieve peace through musical collaboration and promote health, education, and human services in every corner of the globe. 

Our Mission

We have completed lightning protection systems on 8 schools, 11 churches and 3 homes. 


We just sent materials to complete a project at Yamuriro Primary School, which was recently struck by lightning. In addition we are working with Rwandan officials to protect a church that was just struck and 16 people were killed and 140 were injured. 

We are also currently speaking with village and religious leaders about building life jacket stations at each boat launch around the lake to provide an adequate number of life jackets.

Together Our Mission is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation for international development devoted to Bringing cultures together in peace. Together Our Mission is about the mission at hand, it started from a lightning strike that killed three children and we decided to try to keep schools from being struck ever again. helping to push a message of health, education and human services, and leave a sustainable footprint that makes the community stronger and healthier. 



Lightning Protection Video