• Tom and Misty Larson

Lightning protection on Ugandan schools

On August 30th, 2019, Together Our Mission is returning to Uganda again to install lightning dissipators on 4 more schools and churches. We have the plane tickets, the dissipators and the team waiting. We are still trying to raise about $4,000 to be used for wire, ground rods, and tools. Also transportation and lodging costs, like boat drivers who take us across the lake and the driver who picks us up at the airport. It takes a lot to pull these projects off, but it helps thousands of children for a lifetime. The graduation rates at some of these schools have more than doubled. The first school we worked on in 2015 had 235 children going to school regularly. I just found out that this session they have over 1100. Children have not been afraid to learn and teachers have not been afraid to come teach. This is more than just putting some grounding protection on a building, this is changing a community and an entire region.

I will continue to blog each day we are there and provide pictures so you can see the progress and the faces of the children. Thank you so much.

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