Please help us protect the children of Uganda. We have installed lightning dissipator systems on the schools at Kisiizi, Kagogo, Katiba, Yamuriro, Kitooma, Kishanje, Kahumiro, and Mugyera. We have also installed dissipation systems on the churches at Kisiizi, Kagogo, Katiba, Kamuhungye, Kabagande, Yamuriro, Kiigo, Kitooma, Kishanje, Kahumiro and Mugyera.  

We are traveling to Rwanda and Uganda in early 2020. The Nyarunazi church in Rwanda was recently struck, 14 people were killed and 140 were injured. The village of Bihembe has decided to tear down the church and build it on a new spot because they are afraid to re-enter the building. Together Our Mission is going to make sure their new church never faces the same danger. T.O.M. is also traveling into Uganda to install lightning protection systems on several more schools and churches in Southwest Uganda on Lake Bunyonyi. 

Recognizing ongoing need in the community and identifying sustainable partnerships,My wife and I established a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called "Together Our Mission" to continue to help these children. We will continue to identify schools and churches in need of lightning protection and one by one protect them all the best we can. Additionally, T.O.M. will be meeting with local primary schools in order to establish an educational scholarship to help these children continue on to secondary school. They will be the first recipients of the David A. Sandberg Scholarship. David A. Sandberg was like a father to me, and was an incredible teacher and believer in International Development. He believed that peace can be achieved through education and love.

Please help "Together Our Mission" protect these children and help them pursue their education, and help their community grow in peace and health. Public Health, Basic Education, and sustainable community development are the hallmarks of Together Our Mission. Will you support us in attaining that mission?